Welcome to the CBS Fantasy debut of my weekly column, Stealing Signals. Whether you’re new to this column or a prior reader who has followed it around the block over the previous two seasons, I truly appreciate you letting me be a part of your football season.

What Stealing Signals is: Put simply, a look at every team, player and situation, every week. But not as a preview of the next week. A look back.

NFL seasons are inherently small samples. This article, at its core, strives to dig into the numbers you see in your Fantasy box score, add in necessary context and draw out actionable conclusions about what we can believe in and what is a mirage. The signal and the noise.

Along the way, we’ll cover snap counts, discuss optimal touch mixes for running backs and the combination of targets and air yards for pass catchers, and I’ll give you the most notable stat I saw from each game.

As some of my older readers know, I might grow tired of making the same observations week in and week out about the bad teams that repeat mistakes, so we might veer off and have some fun along the way. If you make this piece a weekly staple, my hope is you’ll find it to be a more in-depth review of Fantasy takeaways than you’ll see anywhere else, but also that you’ll learn new ideas for how to take what we observe on Sundays and convert it into decisions that will help you win your leagues, and ultimately become a better Fantasy player.

Data is typically courtesy of Pro Football Reference, RotoViz, the RotoGrinders Premium Usage App, airyards.com or PFF. Always feel free to hit me up on Twitter @YardsPerGretch with any questions about anything I covered or to ask my thoughts on something I glossed over. That is some of my favorite feedback, because sometimes it’s something I’ve missed.

Week 1 featured plenty of big performances, both from guys we expected to show out and others who surprised us a bit. It’s always the longest Stealing Signals of the season because it’s 100% new information. Let’s get into it. 

Here are some important statistical acronyms to know for Stealing Signals:

Green Zone – Inside the opponent’s 10-yard line.
HVT – High-Value Touches: for running backs, all receptions and all touches inside the 10 yard line. 
TRAP – Trivial Rush Attempt Percentage: for running backs, the percentage of all touches that are not high-value touches.
WOPR – Weighted Opportunity Rating: a metric created by Josh Hermsmeyer, it balances team share of targets and team share of air yards. Because a player’s WOPR is a share of his team’s overall opportunity, it’s important to consider team volume as additional context. 
RACR – Receiver Air Conversion Ratio: also created by Hermsmeyer, RACR is calculated as total receiving yards divided by total air yards. Similar to yards per reception or yards per target, but per air yard instead.

Week 1

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