Have you ever seen a player get plunked in coach pitch? Keep watching 3-year-old baseball player Christopher Perez and you might. The young lefty has already channeled the spirit of Jose Bautista in his game, but he did him one better. Perez eschewed the lame bat flip and took it to the next, throwing his bat at the first base dugout.

Christopher is the son of Brewers‘ utility player Hernan Perez. His Instagram account has over 1,200 followers, and within it fans can find shots of the Brewers clubhouse and pictures of Chris with his family. If all goes well for the little guy, he’ll have 90 mph fastballs coming for the small of his back in no time.

In addition to the bat flip, Perez has also mastered the lesser known hat toss, which honestly might go over even worse for him. That is, assuming that he never nails one of his teammates that isn’t paying attention in the dugout. THAT would be truly disrespectful.

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