A Philadelphia 76ers fan is trusting the process by offering a life-sized Joel Embiid balloon sculpture online in exchange for tools. 

The viral ad that was posted a month ago asking not for money, but a return that will help improve seller’s shop with tools and building materials. Here’s a look at the sculpture in all its glory:

The Craigslist poster, who claims to be “some sort of balloon prodigy,” used this message in the ad:

I don’t know how or why but I am some sort of balloon prodigy, I can make literally anything out of balloons. Ridiculous giant balloon sculptures are great for parties, as a gift or just to leave on someone’s porch as a weird and confusing joke. I left a 5 foot T. rex in the first unlocked car I could find and I still laugh about it every day. I can deliver most sculptures by car but large structures like a castle or working balloon pub would need to be finished on site.
Lifesized balloon sculptures take all day to make and can run into the thousands of dollars from party companies most of whom don’t offer anything so customizable to begin with. I am looking to trade for tools. I got bored with balloons and am moving on to make things out of wood.
I am especially interested in:
Miter saw
A better miter gauge for my table saw
Impact driver
Router bits or accessories
Oscillating multi-tool

I can also always use building materials and useful things to keep my shop running well or just anything very interesting. I am not looking for money, some people actually do this for a career and I don’t want to take a paying job from them.

Good luck, balloon prodigy. 

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