Friday night in Los Angeles, Malcolm Brogdon hit Nick Young with a hard foul, which sparked an
altercation between
 the Bucks and the Lakers, in which there was some shoving, some name-calling, and a ultimately the ejection of Young, D’Angelo Russell, and Greg Monroe. Except for a Bucks staffer making contact with Brandon Ingram, which upset Luke Walton, it was your typical NBA “fight,” where nothing really serious happens. 

Still, the NBA has to respond to players starting an altercation and putting their hands on an opponent during a game, and so Sunday they levied fines against three players: the Lakers’ Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell, and the Bucks’ Greg Monroe. 

Monroe getting dinged the most, a cool $35,000, is understandable, as he delivered a pretty good shove to Young, and then also put his hand up around Brandon Ingram’s neck. 

Perhaps if these two teams had another game against each other remaining this season we might see this boil over, but with their season series already complete, these fines should put an end this latest bit of NBA drama. 

So long to the great Lakers-Bucks fued of 2017.

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