After the NFL released its 2017 schedule on Thursday, Browns and Jaguars fans were probably wondering if the league made some sort of mistake, and that’s because neither team was given a night game for the upcoming season. 

In a rare move, both teams were left offthe NFL‘s primetime schedule this year. Although fans in Cleveland and Jacksonville probably aren’t too happy with the NFL’s decision, fans of the 30 other teams probably feel like the league is doing everyone else a big favor here. 

For one, we won’t have to sit through three hours of watching the Browns, and two, we won’t get a Jaguars Thursday night game this year, which means we won’t have to stare at Jacksonville’s mustard-colored jerseys for three hours. I mean, Blake Bortles could barely stand looking at the jerseys and he plays for the team. 

 As bad as both teams have been recently, getting pulled from prime time is actually a rarity no matter how horrible a team is. 

For the Browns, the prime-time television shutout marks the first time since 2010 that they weren’t given any night games. 

For the Jaguars, it’s actually worse. The 2017 season will mark the first time in franchise history that they weren’t given a prime-time game. Going into this year, the Jaguars had played at least one primetime game in every season since their expansion year of 1995. 

For Browns and Jags fans hoping to watch their team play on national TV this season, you do have one option, but you’ll have to get up early. Both Jacksonville (Week 3) and Cleveland (Week 8) will be playing a 9:30 a.m. ET game in London in 2017.    

The two teams will also play each other in Week 11, so if you’re a fan of either team, you might want to start writing letters to the NFL now and ask them nicely to flex that game to NBC’s Sunday Night Football. The league probably won’t bump Eagles-Cowboys, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Anyway, to see the entire NFL schedule for all 32 teams — and to find out who’s actually playing in primetime — be sure to head over to this link.

The 2017 NFL season kicks off on Sept. 7 with the Patriots hosting the Chiefs on NBC. 

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