The good news for Cowboys fans is that they stand a very good chance of hearing a former Cowboys quarterback calling their games. Because FOX employs Troy Aikman in the No. 1 broadcasting spot and because America’s No. 1 network, CBS,
just hired Tony Romo to join the No. 1 broadcasting team
, there is frequently a chance that a former starting quarterback for the Cowboys will call a Cowboys game.

The Romo factor is particularly interesting, because Romo, as a CBS announcer, will get limited action on Cowboys games (because they’re an NFC team with limited crossover). With the 2017 NFL schedule announced, we now know when Romo could end up calling his first Cowboys game.

In fact, there are only two options on the schedule, so it is pretty likely — especially based on Jim Nantz’s comments to Rich Eisen during the NFL Network schedule release show, coupled with common sense — that Romo will call both of those games. (You have Tony Romo on your broadcasting team and you get two Cowboys games; who is calling those games? It’s easy.) 

The first game available will be Week 9 when the Cowboys host the Chiefs at AT&T Stadium. Again, no one can definitely say that Romo will be calling that game, because anything could happen with these two teams, but it is very likely that he ends up calling this matchup for CBS.

And you can all but guarantee he’ll call
the game for CBS on Thanksgiving
when the Cowboys host the Chargers.

That’s the final game for the Cowboys on CBS, barring a very bizarre scheduling change. Which means it is very likely that you will see Tony Romo call the Cowboys games in Week 9 on CBS and in Week 13 on CBS. 

His homecoming will be highly celebrated and fun to watch. 

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