U.S. Soccer is reportedly considering a tournament next summer for big nations who didn’t qualify for the 2018 World Cup. According to The Washington Post and ESPN FC, alongside Soccer United Marketing, they are exploring the possibility of hosting a tournament with teams like Italy, Netherlands, Ghana and Chile. 

With the World Cup beginning in June, so many big name teams failed to qualify and would be left with an open summer schedule. This would change that, though the expectation would be for these teams to bring younger players with team staples likely looking towards a free summer after club play finishes. 

Of course, Major League Soccer will be in the middle of its season in the summer, so it remains to be seen how it would all work out. These appears just to be early talks about a possibility of doing this. 

While it would be nice for USA fans to have games to watch, it feels like this would be a tough one for anyone to get excited about. It’s the exact opposite of the World Cup. And exact opposites don’t usually work out. Just ask Elaine Benes: 

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