After six weeks of investigating, the second-greatest unsolved crime in NFL history was finally solved on Monday when the NFL
announced that authorities
had located Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl LI jersey in Mexico. 

Of course, that was only the second-greatest unsolved crime in NFL history because the greatest was a crime no one even knew about: Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX jersey had also been missing and somehow, that story went completely under the radar. 

So how did we all miss the story about Brady’s stolen Super Bowl XLIX jersey? 

For one, he didn’t mention it in Phoenix after the Patriots beat the Seahawks 28-24 in a game you probably remember for Malcolm Butler’s goal-line interception on a play from the 1-yard line where Seattle chose to pass the ball instead of giving it to Marshawn Lynch. 

Brady had multiple opportunities to mention the missing jersey to someone — he did a postgame interview, a locker room interview, a Super Bowl MVP interview and several media interviews in the days after the game — however, the subject of the missing Super Bowl XLIX jersey never came up. 

After Super Bowl LI, Brady
complained almost immediately
as soon as he noticed that his jersey had gone missing, which set off a police search that America hasn’t seen Richard Kimble was hunting down the one-armed man in “The Fugitive.”

Oddly, Brady never really mentioned the fact that his Super Bowl XLIX jersey had gone missing until THIS YEAR. That’s right, Brady’s went missing in February 2015, but he didn’t talk about it until February 2017, which is why you never heard about it. 

In an interview with WEEI in Boston that was held the day after Super Bowl LI, the Patriots quarterback casually mentioned that his jersey had also been stolen after Super Bowl XLIX. 

“I walked back to my bag and it was gone,” Brady
said of his Super Bowl LI jersey
. “Same thing happened two years ago [in Super Bowl XLIX]. That sucks, but, oh well.”

“That sucks, but, oh well,” is what I say when I drop a piece of pizza on the ground. Basically, it’s interesting that Brady didn’t seem all that concerned with his missing Super Bowl XLIX jersey. 

The good news for Brady is that he now has both jerseys back because the same guy stole each one and that guy is now in custody. 

If Brady and the Patriots make it back to the Super Bowl this season, they might want to bring their own security team because apparently, the NFL gives up on security after the game is over. Besides Brady, authorities believe that Von Miller also
had several things stolen
from him after Super Bowl 50. Not to mention, Michael Strahan’s jersey also went missing after Super Bowl XLII. 

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