The Tennessee Titans did not produce a ton of offense against the Indianapolis Colts, largely because the offense looked neutered without Marcus Mariota able to run the ball or serve as a threat to run. A gimpy Mariota was forced to sit in the pocket with the Colts knowing he wouldn’t run, and the Titans””exotic smashmouth” offense served to be much less effective without the extra wrinkle of a running quarterback. 

The Titans’ offense didn’t work really well for much of the night and was bad in the red zone, but Mariota proved (as many of us know) that he can be a pocket guy on a bomb down the field to Taywan Taylor. 

Taylor, incidentally, had been called a “gadget” player by ESPN announcer Jon Gruden earlier in the game. The Titans did not appreciate that. 

The Titans weren’t alone in being upset. Also salty was offensive lineman Quinton Spain, who got mad about something that happened near the line of scrimmage and/or near Mariota when he threw the ball and nearly got involved into a skirmish with Colts defender Johnathan Hankins. 

But Mariota, being the savvy young man that he is, stepped in and stopped Spain from getting involved with Hankins, who had drawn an unnecessary roughness penalty. 

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Mariota reminded Spain he should cruise on down the field and celebrate the touchdown, which gave the Titans a seven-point lead.


via NFL Broadcast

Mariota is one of those guys who just constantly keeps a calm and cool head — credit him for helping to keep everyone around him calm too. The Titans didn’t roll in this game, but Mariota kept them afloat and eventually closed things out.

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