Former NBA superstar Ray Allen is retired from the game of basketball now, meaning he has lots of time on his hands. Like many other retired professional athletes, Allen sometimes takes to the golf course to fill up that time, and this week, he’s taking part in the Diamond Resorts Invitational in Orlando, Florida,

On Friday, Allen, known for his deep shooting range during his time in the NBA as one of the deadliest 3-point shooters in history, showed us he doesn’t have many range limits when it comes to the golf course, either. 

Allen was shooting his third shot on the par-4 11th hole on Friday when he knocked in this beautiful iron shot from 122 yards out. 

The former NBA All-Star made that shot look just as easy as he made sinking long-range 3-pointers appear. 

And how do you make the whole moment even better? A congratulatory high-five from the one and only John Daly, of course. 

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