Carew Cricket Club posted this image to social media after winning the league title last month

Carew Cricket Club has been charged with bringing the game into disrepute following their controversial declaration that allowed them to win the Pembroke league title.

Cresselly won their ‘title-deciding’ match against Carew in August but it was the latter who were champions.

Carew declared on 18-1 to deny Cresselly the chance of securing any batting or bowling bonus points.

Carew and captain Brian Hall will face a disciplinary hearing on 26 September.

Pembroke County Cricket Club (PCCC), responsible for enforcing the regulations within Pembrokeshire cricket, had earlier this month set up a sub-committee to investigate the matter.

A league statement read: “Pembroke County Cricket Club received several written complaints concerning the conduct of both Carew CC and their captain, Brian Hall, following their match with Cresselly.

“In accordance with the procedures as outlined in the county handbook a disciplinary sub-committee met on Monday, 11 September.

“As a result of that meeting Carew have been charged with bringing the county cricket club into disrepute.

“Mr Hall has been charged with a failure in his duties as a captain in ensuring the game was played within the spirit of cricket.”

League officials are unsure at the moment what disciplinary action could be taken if the club or captain are found guilty.

The hearing will be held at Haverfordwest Cricket Club. Carew have declined to comment following the announcement of the disciplinary hearings.

What happened?

It’s just not cricket! Club side declares early to stop title rivals

The battle for the Division One title between leaders Carew and second-placed Cresselly came down to the final match decider.

But Carew appear to have worked out the mathematics which would see them lose the match but clinch the title if they denied their opponents any batting or bowling bonus points.

Carew started with a 21-point lead and Cresselly received 20 points for their quick victory.

So after Cresselly won the toss and put their opponents into bat, Carew declared on 18-1 after just 15 balls with Cresselly reaching their target in two overs and winning the game, but losing the title by a single point.

The league rules