Actor and comedian Kevin Hart was in Chicago to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field on Wednesday. The Cubs were hosting the Milwaukee Brewers in a crucial game, and when Hart took the mound, he looked like he knew what he was doing. He was shaking off signs, pacing the mound, stepping off every few seconds — everything you’d want out of a pitcher.

Then he threw his pitch.

Whoops. Bouncing a heater isn’t necessarily ideal, nor is staggering off the mound on your follow through. Just a few mechanics to iron out there.

Hart, however, was only worried about how he clocked in with his pitch speed.

When MLB finally implements the pitching clock that’s been talked about so often, Hart might be in trouble. It’s not often that you find a 30-second first pitch video. The talent just might not be worth the distraction.

Hart also took the opportunity to promote his new movie and maybe … just maybe … Oversell how much heat he really threw.

But what about your control? All of that heat means nothing if you can’t direct where it will go.

Hart was all over Wrigley on Wednesday. He popped up in the broadcast booth and sang “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” during the seventh-inning stretch. And even though he may have the demeanor down — despite a moment where he didn’t look like he knew which leg to kick — Hart has a long way to go before he’s on the mound with a batter in the box.

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