For as much crap as fans like to give officials, there’s no denying that those folks don’t exactly have the easiest job in the world. Regardless of whether the call they make is right or wrong, there’s always going to be a fair number of people upset at it. More than any other sport, however, basketball officials have a tool at their disposal that they’re more than happy to use which lets them limit the vocal displeasure they hear from players on the floor about certain calls: the technical foul.

As Twitter user @FollowThruLou demonstrated in a video posted Tuesday, the tech doesn’t have to just be a serious call. It’s possible to approach the penalty in a variety of ways, as he demonstrates in the 52-second clip. There’s the tech with two-fingers, the tech where an official asks a player to repeat what he says before hitting the T, and, of course, the emphatic two-handed tech, among others.

According to this user’s tweets, he wasn’t only doing this for show, he actually reffed a game after filming this video that has been viewed close to 3 million times. 

With that being the case, perhaps he should take the advice of noted technical foul enthusiast, and former NBA referee, Joey Crawford and limit the power behind the finger techs before he goes breaking a digit.

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