More Fantasy Baseball: Waivers: Hamilton back to running | 2018 Fantasy All-Star team

When the All-Star beak approaches, the number of DL cases typically rises as teams take advantage of four “free” days when no games are happening to build in some extra rest for the bruised and battered.

But this July has functioned as a clearing house of sorts, with many longstanding DL cases wrapping up in the past couple weeks. A.J. Pollock, Robbie Ray, Ronald Acuna, Johnny Cueto, Paul DeJong — they’re all back, and their removal creates a void in these rankings we haven’t seen so far this season. Throw in more recent examples like Chris Archer and Masahiro Tanaka, and it’s apparent the big names are coming off faster than they’re going on.

Which is exciting apart from the obvious reason that Fantasy teams are being made whole again. What’s left behind is a no-longer-so-star-studded DL stash list, which allows for more subjectivity and an opportunity to be proactive. Imagine seeing a DL spot as a chance to acquire new talent as opposed to just conserving existing talent.

The back of this list offers some relative throws of the dice. And while we could quibble about the order after the top 18 (or maybe 20 — Jay Bruce and Ryan Braun form a curious bridge between provenness and brokenness), they’re all worth picking up if you have an unoccupied DL spot.

Starting pitchers like Trevor Cahill, Joe Musgrove and Jake Junis might be more attractive stashes in points leagues. A bat like Jorge Soler and a non-closing reliever like Andrew Miller maybe more so in categories formats. David Dahl, Ervin Santana, Jimmy Nelson and Mike Soroka offer the kind of upside that could amount to something across all formats, but they’re no more than speculative pickups, lacking clear timetables.

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