The son of The Mailman nearly gave up football to become The Lawman this winter.

K.J. Malone, an offensive lineman at LSU and the son of NBA legend Karl Malone (the K.J. stands for Karl Junior), had been mulling giving up his football career to pursue his other passion. 

Malone thought about becoming a U.S. Marshall.

The decision was such a tough one for Malone to make that the family actually had a commitment ceremony of sorts. The Malones had family, friends, and coaches over to the house so K.J. could announce whether he’d be returning to LSU for his senior season, or leaving for the law.

“He didn’t want anybody else to know anything,” Karl Malone told The Advocate. “He had a select group of people that came over to hear his decision. He said, ‘I just want to finish what I started.’”

Of course, just because he’s returning to LSU doesn’t mean Malone is giving up on his dream of becoming a U.S. Marshall. After he finishes college, becoming a Marshall is what he plans to do.

The Lawman will just have to wait for The Lineman to finish first.

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