Larry Walker got the call that every kid growing up playing baseball dreams of getting their whole life on Tuesday. He is getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Surrounded by family and friends, holding back tears, the five-time All-Star received a call from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America informing him that he “did not fall short this time.”

Wiping away tears of joy, Walker was left speechless after an “oh my god” as his loved ones cheered around him. 

But what left fans speechless after the initial excitement and congratulatory posts was the shirt Walker was wearing. On one of the biggest days of Walker’s life he reached into his closet and chose to put on none other than a SpongeBob Squarepants button up (… bowling shirt?).  

An interesting choice, but you can’t help but respect it.

Maybe he woke up saying, “The best time to wear a SpongeBob shirt is all the time.”

Walker now knows he has a spot in the Hall of Fame, but that shirt might have a spot there too.

Hey, price does not matter, it just shows us that Walker can find a good deal as well as he can play baseball.

I’m just glad when he picked up the phone and the person on the other line asked to speak to Larry Walker he didn’t say, “No! This is Patrick,” though it is a shame he didn’t make at least one reference to the show at some point. 

Oh, and you’re welcome for giving you the information on how to purchase the shirt.

To make this whole moment even better, if that is even possible, Walker brought his dog Twinkie in for the show.

If this was his outfit for the voting announcement, just imagine what he will show up in for the induction in July. 

Never change, Larry.

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