England is going home. Croatia, meanwhile, is going hard at home. 

With Croatia’s stunning 2-1 victory in extra time during Wednesday’s World Cup semifinal match in Russia, a nation of underdogs went berserk as they watched it all unfold. Croatian football fans gathered in the capital city of Zagreb for a viewing party, and that party exploded when Mario Mandzukic found the back of the net with a go-ahead goal in the 109th minute of the contest. 

Flying drinks; waving flags; lit flares; screaming fans; pure pandemonium — yup, that sure seems like a proper World Cup celebration alright. 

That party turned into a tense and emotional one down the home stretch, but Croatia was able to hold on and bring another celebration.

The next party will come on Sunday, when Croatia will face France in the World Cup final with a chance at immortal glory on the world’s biggest stage. Win or lose, this has been an incredible run for Croatia, which becomes the second-smallest nation to reach a World Cup Final.

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