In Mitch Evans’ case, the answer was lots and lots of fun.

The Jaguar Racing star was somewhat overwhelmed after going “ice skating” on four wheels near Arjeplog in Swedish Lapland.

“I can’t describe it. I can’t put it into words. It’s so unnatural for me to go sideways — I’m usually so focused on trying to go straight. I love it!” he told CNN’s Supercharged show, before heading off at full throttle to do some more laps.

Evans was visiting Jaguar Land Rover’s Ice Academy for the first time, making the 10,000-mile trip from his home in New Zealand.

“I’ve come from the Kiwi summer — long days, a lot of light, sunshine, warm climate — to northern Sweden in the Arctic Circle … and it’s freezing.”

Like his team Panasonic Jaguar Racing, Evans is a newcomer to Formula E this season following four years driving in the GP2 Series.

So far, it’s been a steep learning curve for the historic British racing marque. Evans had to retire from the opening race of the 2016-17 World Championship in Hong Kong before placing 17th out of 20 starters in Marrakesh last November.

His more experienced teammate, Northern Irishman Adam Carroll, was 12th and 14th.

The three-month winter break has done the team some good, it seems. At February’s Buenos Aires ePrix, Evans came home a respectable 13th — four places ahead of 34-year-old Carroll. The next goal will be to score points with a top-10 finish in round four at the Mexico ePrix on April 1.

Evans even thinks the ice driving could make him a better competitor on the asphalt.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this — on ice and snow — to benefit me on track,” he says. “I hope it translates when we get back for our real racing.”

“To finally get onto the frozen lake was just amazing, just to see what the car can do with the four-wheel drive we had … the car just gliding across the surface — it’s such a surreal feeling.”

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